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Language reference

Work in progress

This documentation page is a work in progress and missing information.

Give us feedback, would you prefer a list or an example where each one is used?


  • Restructure, to replace the table with a new one derived from the old table values (extended-select).
  • AddColumn, to add a new column to the table.
  • Merge, to merge two tables side by side, by matching common column values (left-join).
  • Aggregate, to aggregate multiple lines having a column value in common, into a single line.
  • ReadFiles, to read a file (in CSV format) and return a table with the file content.
  • SaveTable, To save a table to the database.

Filtering operators, like Distinctor Filter, are not yet implemented.


  • table, to create a table value.
  • #table, to reference the previous table.
  • #table.column, to reference a column of the previous table.